Intelligent Monitoring System



Don’t compromise on quality. With IMS intelligent interactive monitoring systems, you can monitor, track and manage your fleet and assets and their performance with security, quality and performance information and evaluate your performance management by automated reports! All the products we use have been tested and approved for 15 years in European, African, Russian and Far Eastern countries such as in different requirements, quality expectations and geographical differences (-50 degrees, + 75 degrees).

Meet our high R & D power and quality understanding from our European experience with special solutions according to your needs. With our wireless and on-air update systems, our battery or electric line systems are long lasting and do not require maintenance in your different vehicles or fixed facilities, ERP compatible and can be used immediately with fast installation facilities and 7/24 service support.

At the moment in Turkey, all high-speed trains and many large logistics companies use our high-quality products on their train and truck fleet. Take the IMS power of performance with you!

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